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About Us

JB Transformer Sdn Bhd - is one of the leaders in manufacturing and rewinding of high-quality transformers, choke, automatic voltage stabilizer, rectifier and magnetic coil. With nearly 25 years of experience in the business, we have built successful production team and sales team to improve and promote our products.

Besides that we also specialize in manufacture and rewinding of electric power transformer, AC/DC coil, AC/DC choke, bearing heater and A.V.R. All of our products are manufactured and rewound strictly in accordance with current international standard.

We have an excellent and qualified team with years of experience in foreign trade. Combining with their experiences, we are confidence to provide excellent products and meet with customer’s needs.

Our products are all design-engineered to ensure you receive the best input/output voltage package for optimum performance. We also have a variety of power transformer in various package configuration including open frame and PC board.

For more information on your power transformer requirement or any custom-made transformer to meet your next design, allow our professional advisor to assist you.


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